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Don’t squander the next audio emerald. Audio Alchemist can aid in product conception to avoid the stillborn. From concept to feasibility study, let us provide the sounding board for success.




Audio Alchemist has had direct involvement in the creation of several of the nation’s best selling pro audio solutions.

Why not yours?



Don’t rely on the gentlemen in lab coats for your next home run.

Leverage marketing factors and experts.

The League of Innovators was assembled for this purpose.



Often the answer to, “what’s new?” is, “what’s old is new!”
— Marek Stycos

Product Renewal

Forget life support, if you need to revitalize, re-launch or carve out a legacy niche for a product, Audio Alchemist can help direct this missile.

What’s new about a cable, direct box and pop filter..?

You’d be surprised.







New concept ready to launch and looking for the right Original Equipment Manufacturer or source? 

Consult Audio Alchemist’s little black book. 

News Flash: not all manufacturing is done in China! Let bring your dream to life-


Training with eLearning

We craft customized training in every conceivable format; always spiced with a hint of humor to keep the humans hooked and your message resonating.

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If sales people don’t understand your products, they won’t sell them.

What are they?

Why do they excel?

How do they differ from the competition?

What are the best features and benefits?

Can the sales team relay the product’s story with conviction every time?



If your sales people don’t understand the basics of audio, your clients will crush them.

End users prefer to buy from experts.

Without talent on the bench, sales sink and margins tank.

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Power up Audio Alchemist for market penetration, expansion, acceleration, margin propellant and resonant messaging targeting end users and sales humans.



Packaging not popping off the shelf?

Sales people walking past your boxes like the living dead?

End users missing the message?

Audio Alchemist will get inside your product and the psyche of the sales humans. After all, if they dig it, so will their clients.

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Manuals & One Sheets

Do your manuals read like they were translated from Swahili?

Your One Sheets plagued with the personality of communist architecture?

Let Audio Alchemist lend a hand to find the right voice, balanced with a dash of humor.


New Market Penetration

Looking to venture into uncharted territory?

Best to bring along a human GPS. Audio Alchemist can help you avoid the sand traps.


…the shortest distance between two points is a parabola.

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People are our most precious commodity and produce our highest yield they are a corporation’s currency. Engage Audio Alchemist to maximize your most valuable resource.



Utilize Audio Alchemist to create recruitment video assets.

Then leverage our network of over 2.5 million music industry people to find the perfect fit for your company.

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National Management, Reps and Employees

Require rep force management?
A national sales manager?
Evangelism for a sales team?
Success through team building is the cornerstone of Audio Alchemist’s foundation.



Relationships are tantamount to successful business.

Bring to bear Audio Alchemist’s 20 years of personal connections for your own brand of diplomacy.

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Take a look at how Audio Alchemist trebled sales for boutique companies like Dangerous Music, Manley Labs... and contact us directly to hear more.