Power up Audio Alchemist for market penetration, expansion, acceleration, margin propellant and resonant messaging targeting end users and sales humans.



Packaging not popping off the shelf?

Sales people walking past your boxes like the living dead?

End users missing the message?

Audio Alchemist will get inside your product and the psyche of the sales humans. After all, if they dig it, so will their clients.

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Manuals & One Sheets

Do your manuals read like they were translated from Swahili?

Your One Sheets plagued with the personality of communist architecture?

Let Audio Alchemist lend a hand to find the right voice, balanced with a dash of humor.


New Market Penetration

Looking to venture into uncharted territory?

Best to bring along a human GPS. Audio Alchemist can help you avoid the sand traps.


…the shortest distance between two points is a parabola.

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